Do the Blood Red Moon Tetrads Point to an End-Time Exodus?

Blood Red MoonHistorically, the most significant events associated with the Blood Red Moon Tetrads everyone has been speaking about appears to line up with the theme of an end-time Exodus that may be triggered by an event related to the Temple Mount:

I want to thank Mark Biltz and John Hagee for identifying the Blood Red Moon Tetrads that occurred in the following years on Israel’s Holy Days of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles: (2014, 2015); (1967, 1968); (1949, 1950) and (1493, 1494).

I noticed that in the first year of the Blood Red Moon Tetrads, a major event occurred centered on Jerusalem.  It is important to note that the key to understanding the meaning of the Blood Red Moon Tetrads is Jerusalem and not Israel.

In 1949, West Jerusalem was officially captured by Israel. The first Israeli government was established, the Arab-Israeli war ended, armistice agreements were signed and West Jerusalem was declared the capitol of Israel.  1948 marked the Declaration of Independence for Israel shorty after World War II ended in 1945.  The ending of World War I was also surrounded with an event centered on Israel.  In 1917, Israel was officially surrender by the Ottoman Empire which ruled it for 500 years.  World War I officially ended in 1918.

Nothing I can find significantly happened in 1950 regarding Israel or Jerusalem.  It seems everything was settled down.

In 1967, East Jerusalem was captured by Israel as a result of the Six-Day War.  Almost all Biblical lands promised to Abraham in the Book of Genesis were recaptured by Israel.  Shortly after, a UN Resolution for peace was established.

Nothing I can find significantly happened in 1968 regarding Israel or Jerusalem.  It seems everything settled down.

In light of the pattern of event from just 1949 and 1967, it seems the first year of the coming Blood Red Moon Tetrads in 2014 and 2015 hint at the following:

The Temple Mount is taken as a result of war or natural cataclysm.  Why the Temple Mount?  Because the Temple of Jerusalem is considered to be the Center of Time.  An in-depth discussion of this premise is beyond the scope of this article.

In 1949, West Jerusalem was acquired.  In 1967, East Jerusalem was acquired.  It only seems logical that in this third Blood Red Moon Tetrad, it will be the Temple Mount that will be restored to Israel by Yahuah Elohim’s own hands.

In light of the pattern so far, and in light of other themes in the Bible, it may be such that the government of the 144,000 and Two Witnesses are established at this time for the 3.5 years of Great Tribulation; the final years before Messiah’s return in 2017if and only if, 1967 was the 119th Jubilee.

At the same time, the Man of Sin or anti-Christ forms his own government as it is written in the Book of Revelation.  A peace treaty is signed or strengthened.  The Two Witnesses bring judgement upon the earth and they are perceived as the enemy by most of the world.

Let’s take a look at the events associated with the Blood Red Moon Tetrads of 1493 and 1494.

1493 was the year when Christopher Columbus took an unusually large fleet of 17 ships to Cuba, Central America.  This was the second of four voyages to this same area.  The first voyage had three ships, the third had 6 ships and the fourth, four ships.

I believe that a remnant of the Tribe of Menashe from Spain gathered in the New World.  Exodus or immigration is the theme.  Jews were expelled from Sicily in 1493 and in the prior year, the Alhambra Decree was issued to expel Jews from Spain.  This same year, Columbus also made his first voyage to Cuba, Central America.

I believe Cuba is a type of “Ground Zero” for the re-discovery of America.  In likeness, the World Trade Center site was “Ground Zero” for the dedication of America.

It is clear, based on Jonathan Cahn’s book, “Harbinger,” that 9-11 was judgement upon “Ground Zero.”  The location of 9-11 was the site where George Washington dedicated this nation to God as he knew Him.  Will there be a judgment upon the other “Ground Zero” – the location of the re-discovery of America?

Similar to 1949 and 1967, I was not able to identify any historical event that is associated with Israel for 1494 – the second year of the Blood Red Moon Tetrads at that time.

For more details and facts, visit http://SolomonsPorch.TV and go to the Teachings section.  You will be able to immediately download a series of 5 free colorful charts with a commentary.

Yakov Levi

7 thoughts on “Do the Blood Red Moon Tetrads Point to an End-Time Exodus?

  1. ShaLoWM. I’m reading your article, and I enjoy your articles. First thought. In the first two tetrads you mention blood red moons always have to do with Jerusalem. You find something about the first year but not the second year. Did you look for any events significant having to do with the exiled tribes of Israel?

    Second thought: you mentioned the Twmple Mount. What about the facts that have been coming to light that in fact the ‘Temple Mount’ was NOT where we have thought it was. Instead this is the Roman garrison/fortress of Antony, and the real Temple Mount would have stood in the City of DaWiD, just south of that location…

  2. Thank you for sharing Yakov Levi, I liked your post regarding the Blood Moon. I also read about this blog. “In the Stars” post which explains the Seven Thousand Year Plan of God. Can you give me your opinion about it? Toda raba!

    “The Last Days” post which explains the seven Jewish festivals.

    “In the Clouds” post which shows how believers (the Elect) are symbolized by clouds at the time of the Rapture and Jesus’ return.

    “The birth of Jesus” link which shows that Jesus was born during the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

    Jesus says…

    • Shalom, Quoheleth, I wish I could say more. With plenty to study right now, I may not be able to get to those links. Thank you for posting. The first one looks like one I want to follow-up on eventually. I have a couple books on this topic I plan to read.

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