Columbus Brings West Half of the Tribe of Menashe To Cuba & Central America…

I think it is important to note that Columbus’ four voyages that began in 1492 landed him in Central America and North South America.  This is the year before the beginning of the four Blood Red Moon Tetrads in 1493 and 1494.  This bit of history will help, in part, better understand the scattering of the Lost Tribes of Israel and dispersion of Jews during the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492 as a result of the Alhambra Decree.

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Purim and the Abomination? Haman a type of Anti-Christ Attempts a Strike mid-March ?!

Biblical themes and language appear to suggest the Abomination of Desolation to occur on Purim.  But when is Purim? and how do we know we are on the right time?  There are four possibilities for the days of Purim this year in 2014.

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Do the Blood Red Moon Tetrads Point to an End-Time Exodus?

Blood Red MoonHistorically, the most significant events associated with the Blood Red Moon Tetrads everyone has been speaking about appears to line up with the theme of an end-time Exodus that may be triggered by an event related to the Temple Mount:

I want to thank Mark Biltz and John Hagee for identifying the Blood Red Moon Tetrads that occurred in the following years on Israel’s Holy Days of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles: (2014, 2015); (1967, 1968); (1949, 1950) and (1493, 1494).

I noticed that in the first year of the Blood Red Moon Tetrads, a major event occurred centered on Jerusalem.  It is important to note that the key to understanding the meaning of the Blood Red Moon Tetrads is Jerusalem and not Israel.

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